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April 8, 2012

Welcome Reception at Sejong Hotel

April 9, 2012

T. Park, Hanyang University and symposium co-Chair, kicks-off the Opening Speech.

Welcome speech from Oh-Kyong Kwon, Vice-President of Hanyang Univ.

Biographical Introduction to prof. George Z.Voyiadjs is presented by prof.T.Park.

Hussein Zbib, Washington State University, presents Invited Keynote Lecture "Plasticity and Deformation Mechanisms in Sub-Micrometer Size Crystalline Materials".

F. Barlat, Postech, presents "Dislocation Density Based Description of Plasticity in Non-Proportional Loading".

Kilho Eom, Yonsei University, presents "Mechanical Characterization of Amyloids at Multiple Length Scales".

You Sung Han and Vikas Tomar, Purdue University, presents "Understanding Role of Length Scale and Temperature High Temperature Nano-to Mesoscale Creep and Thermal Behavior of Single Crystal Si Using a Combination of Multiple Length Scale Simulations and Experiments".

Akio Yonezu, Osaka University, presensts "Finite Element Modeling of Indentation Fracture Mechanics for Environmentally-induced Cracking".

Lizhi Sun, University of California Irvine, presents "Multiscale Modeling of Magnetorheological CNT Nanocomposites".

Jongwan Hu, Incheon National University, "Plastic Continuum Models for Truss Lattice Materials with Cubic Symmetry".

A.Abdul-Latif, Université Paris 8, presents "Modeling of Grain Shape Effect on Multiaxial Plasticity of Polycrystals"

Dongwook Lee and Taewon Kim, Hanyang University, presents "Phase Field Simulation of a Stress-Induced Martensitic Nucleation at the Crack Tip".

Farid H.Abed, American University of sharjah, presents "Effects of the Voyiadjis-Abed(VA) Microstructure-Based Model Parameters on Dynamic Localizations at HighStrain Rates and Temperatures".

Huu Tai Thai, Hanyang University, presents "A nonlocal refined theory for bending, buckling, and vibration of micro-/nano-scale Plates".

Junhong Park, Hanyang University, presents "Multiple Scale Simulation for Damage Assessment from Impact Vibration of High-Velocity Impact-Proof Composite Materials".

M.H. Tak, Hanyang University, presents "Parallelized Concurrent Multiscale Simulation for Porous Media".

Camal Basaran, State University of NY, "Bridging Molecular Dynamics with Finite Element Method".

Sungho Choi and kyungyoung Jhang, Hanyang University, presents "NumericalSimulation of Stress-Temperature Behavior in Silicon Wafer Irradiated by CW Laser Beam"

Amin H. Almasri, Jordan University, presents "Comparison Between Analytical And Numerical Simulation of Dynamic Indentation".

J. Jang, Hanyang University, presents "New Ways to Estimate Naro-Scale Creep".

Wojciech Sumelka, Poznan University, presents "Thermal Stresses in Metallic Materials due to Extreme Loading Conditions".

Yong-Rak Kim, Kyung Hee University, presents "Multiscale Modeling of Damage Evolution in Viscoelastic Particulate Composites Subjected to Cyclic Loading".

Participants, FTC, Hanyang University.

Participants, HIT, Hanyang University.


Banquet, H-Club, Hanyang University.

Banquet, H-Club, Hanyang University.

Director S.S Kim's congratulatory address.

Banquet, H-Club, Hanyang University.

A Medal awarding ceremony.

Express his impression, George Z. Voyiadjs,Banquet ,HIT, Hanyang University.

April 10, 2012

Campus Tour, Hanyang University.

Xi Chen, Columbia University and symposium co-Chair, presents Opening Lecture "Mechanical Self-Assembly".

Mohammad A. Khaleel, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Richland, presents "A Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamic Model including Texture Evolution for Friction Stir Welding Process".

Shi Guangyu, Dalian University of Technology, presents "The Prediction of Mechanical Properties of Graphene by a Two-Scale Homegenization Method".

George Z. Voyiadjs, Louisiana State University, presents Closing Lecture "Microstructure to Macro-Scale using Gradient Plasticity with Temperature and Rate Dependent Length and Time Scales".

George Z. Voyiadjs, Louisiana State University, presents Closing Lecture "Microstructure to Macro-Scale using Gradient Plasticity with Temperature and Rate Dependent Length and Time Scales".

Participants, FTC, Hanyang University.

From left: Dong-Ho Choi, T Park, George Z. Voyiadjs,Xi Chen

Prof. George Z. Voyiadjs, CSM laboratory members


Farewell Dinner,Craftworks Taphouse,Iteawon